Glass Pipettes - Blastocyst Pipettes

Blastocyst Pipettes

blunt opening, inner diameter 250 µm, 300 µm

Synga Blastocyst Pipettes are polished glass pipettes ideal for transferring blastomeres, and embryos during assisted reproductive procedures.
without bulbs
bulbs sold separately
      with bulbs
each pipette has a bulb attached
    Soft bulbs     VI bulbs

Ref No. SG-250-50   Ref No. SG-250-20s   Ref No. SG-250-20vi

Ref No. SG-250-10ms+vi   Ref No. SG-250-5s   Ref No. SG-250-5vi


length tolerance: +- 3 mm

Diameter 300 µm on demand.