SG Holding Pipette

Holding Pipette, OD 90-110 um, ID 15-20 um, angle 35°, pack: 10 pipettes.

For holding oocyte, embryo or blastocyst during intracytoplasmic sperm injection or biopsy.
Red colour coding.

High stability during ICSI and biopsy when a reliable steadiness of oocytes or embryos is needed.

Holding micropipettes are used for the fixation of oocytes, embryos or blastocysts and are therefore essential for all micromanipulation procedures in ART like ICSI, assisted hatching and polar body or blastomere biopsy.

Synga Holding micropipettes are manufactured from borosilicate glass tubing.
For use with a micromanipulator in IVF. Sterile, MEA tested, non toxic, safe for living cells. Individualy sealed pipettes in a box.

Ref No. SG-H35a-10