Manipulation SG Pipette 180

Manipulation SG Pipette 180 (inner Ø 180µm, pack: 5x10 pipette)

Glass micropipettes with blunt opening. Suitable for manipulation of oocytes, embryos and other living cells. Individually packed to retain sterility. Pack of 50 pieces. Reusable bulbs sold separately. Pipettes are MEA tested and sterile.

Ref No. SG-180-50


You need also some bulbs for these pipettes. You can choose from the following products: The last letter in the ref. No indicates the colour of the bulb. R stands for red, B for blue, etc. By different colours you can quickly distinguish diferent diameters of your pipettes.
Soft bulbs and Medium bulbs are the same size and are compatible with Penholder C.
VI bulbs are smaller and have reduced inner volume. They are compatible with Penholder VI.


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